Making your mark in an ever more competitive environment”

Frédéric Collot joins both Noël Didier and Nicolas Montagne at the management structure of Fidupar. This enhanced team goes along with the company’s long-term development and sustainability.

Frédéric Collot talks about his motivations and the challenges Fidupar, as Professional of the Financial Sector, has to take up in a profoundly changing world

Mr Collot, how do you feel on taking up a position of director of Fidupar?

I have spent more than twenty years working in a law firm. I initially took up the position to take care of the accounting aspects. I gradually progressed and became responsible for managing the domiciliation and family office departments, which enabled me to gain a better understanding of tax matters as well as the management of our clients’ property assets. I am at a time in my life where I need change. I have known the various team members at Elate Group for quite a few years now, specifically via VO Consulting.

The opportunity to take up a new challenge came up to me nearly three years after the creation of Elate Group; I have seized that challenge with the intention of creating a new dynamic at the level of both Fidupar and the Group. As from August, – Noël Didier, Nicolas Montagne and I – will work closely together in order to lead Fidupar through a transitional period. At the appropriate time, the company will be run by Nicolas Montagne and myself.

How do you see this new challenge?

From a personal point of view it is a major challenge. First of all, I am joining the management structure of a company that is already firmly embedded within the Luxembourg financial market and generates sales of more than five million euros. I’m joining a team of nearly 40 people with very varied skills. I’m hoping to share my ideas and vision with them so that we can all a good grasp of where the company is actually going. Finally, I am eager to discover a new working environment, to meet up with new clients, and to fulfil new expectations.

What are your priorities as a new director of Fidupar?

First of all, I will get to know the participants involved. Fidupar and VO Consulting – the Group’s two main entities – each has its own distinct client base. The teams have much to gain at strengthening the existing links between them, at maintaining this shared culture in order to grasp new opportunities, and at developing new services that meet the expectations of all of our clients.

Furthermore, Fidupar holds numerous licences. Amid a financial market undergoing a rapid transformation, we undoubtedly need to exploit these with even greater success. To address the challenges ahead, Fidupar must strengthen its position as an independent, trusted partner that is a fully established part of Luxembourg’s financial ecosystem. Our recognised expertise, plus the dedication of our teams, enables us to see further ahead, to innovate and to create fresh entrepreneurial dynamism and growth.

Among a sector undergoing radical change, how do you see the future development of Fidupar?

The financial sector is experiencing a dramatic change. Business services, fund management and administration as well as wealth structuring are transforming rapidly in line with regulatory developments. Accordingly, Fidupar is evolving, creating value and adapting its offer in order to win over clients and develop a loyal clientele.

Fidupar management is building up on the existing team in order to go further. Staying ahead of the game is the first challenge we will take up by working together and by coordinating effectively – with Noël Didier and Nicolas Montagne, the teams and our partners. We are designing new ambitions and giving everyone the chance to thrive and capitalise on their talents and skills. Together, we will ensure the team has the necessary drive to face these new challenges.

From your point of view, what common culture do VO Consulting and Fidupar share? What is the hallmark of Elate Group?

The two entities are extremely aware of the high quality of services they provide. Their top priority is to consider carefully the needs and expectations of our clients. They treat each and every one of them with exceptional care and professionalism.

Within the Group, the second priority is the human dimension – which is the main focus of our attention. Maintaining a sense of pride in belonging to such a group and seeking to make our mark in an ever more competitive environment represents the very essence of our values.

About Fidupar

An Elate Group company, Fidupar was established in the early 2000s from an alliance forged between the financial engineering departments of two major banks operating in the Luxembourg financial market. With its client-centric approach, the company has grown significantly while maintaining a deep attachment to its historical values: resourcefulness, creativity, commitment, ambition and high ethical standards. Our multilingual, interdisciplinary team works in close cooperation with our international clients to realise their plans thanks to a wide range of tailor-made services.

Noël Didier, Frédéric Collot and Nicolas Montagne, directors of Fidupar – Elate Group